When most of us think of voice-over, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa from The Jungle Book immediately pops into mind! Over the last 20 years, Disney character voices have been portrayed by some of the most well-known voices in the entertainment industry. Disney reinvented voice-over. What a lot of people fail to realise is that voice-over extends beyond Disney and we are frequently exposed to voice-over services.  

From automated telephone recordings, to the radio adverts on your way to work, we are all exposed to voice-over on a daily basis. Voice-over artists introduce “life” to otherwise ordinary text. Whether it is purely for information purposes or a sales pitch, voice-over has an objective. Unlike written communication, oral messages are a lot more powerful as the speaker is able to use persuasion and control. He or she is able to increase the effectiveness by using variations in tone, pitch and intensity of voice. These are a few of many reasons that voice-over has become a lot more of a popular way to communicate.

Voice-over adds colour and ease to e-learning. Instead of reading screen after screen, students are able to be guided vocally through the course. Course material that is communicated using voice-over is easier and quicker for students, and therefore more popular.

Have you ever decided to do a bit of online research before purchasing a new car? Aside from the background music and few engine sounds, more companies are using voice-over to keep customers even more focused. You are often guided by a strong and confident voice that assures you that you are making the best choice! Multinational brands are also able to easily replicate promotional videos across different markets. In this instance, the BMW X1 video probably originated with a German voice-over which was easily translated and localised to an English voice-over for the UK market.

Like in the entertainment industry, the price of voice-over varies significantly. Well known voices like the ones that frequent the Disney movies can command six figure prices. Outside of Disney, it becomes a lot more affordable. Your ten minute promotional video can be brought to life in a professionally recorded studio from as little as 400 Euros, depending on the language.

Picture credits: www.hollywoodreporter.com, www.bmw.co.uk