Website localisation

The origins of the internet can be traced back to the 1950s, but as recently as 1993, only 1% of global communication took place via the internet. This figure increased to 97% by 2007, and the reach of the three well known letters “www” continue to gain pace. As companies expand their reach, it becomes necessary to localise their websites.

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What is web localisation?

Web localisation is the process of adapting the content to suit the tastes and preferences of the local market. Depending on the market, a mere translation may not be sufficient, and it may be necessary to add content to appeal to the localised market. The modified content must reflect the cultural preferences of the local market, but at the same time maintain the integrity and message of the original website.

Our website localisation services:
  • Our translators can translate the content and provide a tailored localisation approach.
  • Our copywriters can write content from scratch based on a brief from you (more on content creation).
  • The copywriters are also able to conduct research and to include the most useful keywords which will improve your SEO results.
  • Our web designers are able to redesign your website or design a new one if needed.
  • We can also work with your existing web design company if required.