Voice-over services

We add a voice to your text; from training manuals and video scripts to unique communication projects. Our voice-over artists set the right tone for your project. We can also produce your script and translate it into all required languages. Our all-in-one voice-over service makes it easy for you to communicate effectively across different languages and cultures.

voiceover services
Your benefits:
  • All inclusive voice-over service – we produce your script, translate it into all required languages and record everything.
  • We find voice-over artists based on your brief and send you samples so you can choose the perfect voice for your project.
  • You have one point of contact for the entire project. That makes even large multilingual voice-over projects easily manageable and cost efficient.

Frequent requests

Voice-over for e-learning and tutorials: A very effective way to improve interest in e-learning is to add a motivating voice.

Marketing campaigns: It is very rare to find a marketing campaign clip without a voice. A voice guides the audience to focus on the aspects of the campaign that you deem to be most important.