Translation services

Being able to communicate effectively with your audience is essential for the success of your project – whether it is a research paper or a sales presentation. Our professional translation services ensure your translation is accurate and culturally appropriate.

translation services
Your benefits:
  • Our translators translate into their native language. This ensures that your text reads like original copy written by a native speaker and not like a translation.
  • We work with country-specific translators who understand the culture of your target audience. This ensures that your translation is relevant and culturally sound – sparing you potentially embarrassing mishaps.
  • Our translators are area specialists that match your requirements. This ensures your translation is accurate and that the correct terminology is used.
  • Editing and proofreading are included in our pricing. A second native speaker checks the quality of your translation to ensure it is accurate. Our project managers perform the final check
Frequent requests

Localisation: In its simplest form, localisation may involve the conversion of a currency or the alteration of a punch line. On the other end of the spectrum, companies need to totally re-engineer products to suit the tastes and cultural preferences of the local market. Find out more.

App localisation: Localising an app is one of the most cost effective and easy ways to enter a new market. With a simple “go live” click, app owners can potentially double or increase the size of their target market manyfold, depending on the number of languages added. Very few products can globalise that quickly. Localising an app also opens a number of new possibilities with respect to monetisation. Learn more about app localisation, or read one of our interesting blogs on app localisation.

Website localisation: We translate, or re-engineer your content to match the taste and preferences of the local market. Learn more.

Movie subtitling: One of our focus areas is movie subtitling. We work with your existing SRT file, or we can create an SRT file if one does not already exist. In addition to the translation, we also edit the timing and adapt the script to suit the target language. Learn more about movie subtitling.