Transcription services

We convert your audio or video recording into a written transcript as per your brief. Whether your transcription needs to be paraphrased, word-for-word or reflecting mood and intonation, we work according to your standards and in any language you choose.

transcription services
Types of transcriptions:

True verbatim transcriptions: An exact word-for-word transcription of what is said, including uhms, filler words, half sentences, nervous  stuttering and background noise.

Standard (Intelligent verbatim) transcriptions: A smoothed out transcription of what is said,  excluding uhms and filler words.

Abridged transcriptions: A paraphrased transcription of what is said. This involves more editing as uhms, filler words, half sentences, nervous  stuttering and background noise are omitted and grammatical mistakes are corrected.

Customised transcriptions: Transcription of an audio file based on your requirements.

Bilingual transcriptions: We transcribe your audio file into another language.

Your benefits:
  • For large assignments, our transcribers work in teams. This enables us to meet even the tightest deadlines.
  • Our transcribers are area specialists. This ensures your transcript is accurate and uses the right terminology.
  • We ensure your data is safe. Your files are transferred via our secure FTP servers or your preferred choice. All team members working on your project have signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • The quality of your transcript is checked thoroughly before we send it to you. This ensures your content is captured correctly and unintelligible passages are kept to an absolute minimum.

Frequent requests

Transcriptions of interviews: Market research companies extract very useful information from their ongoing interviews and entrust Wonder Words to provide a fast and cost effective transcription.

Transcription of focus groups: Transcribing a focus group session does not have to be a long and expensive project. Wonder Words has written a helpful blog to ensure that a few basic rules are adhered too (reference to blog).