Marketing & communication

The marketing and communication landscape has undergone more change in the last ten years than in the previous 50. Digital advertising in the US is expected to surpass TV advertising in 2017. A number of European markets are not too far behind. The social media segment has been a big driver of change in this space. Even traditional publishing is going digital. Books and other publications need to be available in different formats and across different geographies.

marketing and communication
How we can help you?
  • Our translators make your content available to a wide range of geographies. As native speakers, they understand the culture of your target market very well, and help you to get personal on a global level.
  • Our copywriters create text for your website and blog. All content is written from scratch  to ensure the essence of your brand identity is maintained.
  • We proofread and edit your materials to ensure your texts are ready for publishing.
  • We transcribe your interviews and other audio or video recordings that form the base of your next book or article.
  • We find the perfect voice for your promotional video to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors.