The legal field is not one that quickly comes to mind in the translation space, given the limited application of laws across different countries. However, the translation of contracts and other legal documents in both the private sector and public sector have gained in popularity as we globalise.


Legal transcriptions are a common practice among law firms. Legal verbatim is becoming a more frequent request. This transcription standard is most often used in a legal setting where every nuance of what someone says is of importance.

How we can help you?
  • We transcribe your audio and video recordings, whether you need a true verbatim, a paraphrased or more a customised transcript.
  • Our legal translators know the importance of every word in your document, whether you need exact translations of contracts, reports or other legal documents.
  • We proofread and edit your legal documents to ensure they are as accurate and impactful as you want them to be.
  • We write your marketing and website texts so that you can focus on your core competences.