App localisation

App localisation, also referred to as app translation, are two fairly new terms. It is mindboggling to think that the app economy in 2016 was estimated to be in excess of $1.3 trillion (App Annie), when as recently as five years ago, this same industry was a mere fraction of this size and these two terms were far from common.

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app localisation

App Annie estimates that by 2021, the app economy could reach $6.3 trillion. To put this figure in perspective, more than 90% of smartphones are accessed via apps as opposed to a browser. There are more than 2.8 million apps, and the app has been a game changer for the smartphone industry.

Reasons to localise your app:
  • The number one priority for app owners is monetisation: Translating your app into one or more languages is probably the quickest way to increase downloads and to improve your rate of monetisation (more shared in the blog).
  • Localising your app also exposes you to a number of new app monetisation models that may not be available in your home market. New monetisation models are also developing at a rapid rate (learn more about the different monetisation models).
  • An international versus a local product: An effective way of improving the local product is to internationalise. The international app is exposed to international competition, and the learning experience will be very helpful to strengthen the position of the local app.
  • Maintaining your competitive position – “Attack before being attacked”: A first-mover advantage is very beneficial to maintain and grow your brand in your home market and outside your home market.

Localisation testing for mobile applications: In addition to translating your app, we can also test your app to ensure it works as it should in the new language. Like other forms of software localisation, bugs do creep in. Content is not always placed in the correct place and different language rules result in some unpredictable outcomes. Wonder Words will arrange to have your app comprehensively tested by native speakers before they go live. A detailed report will then be compiled, which will enable the translator/app developer to rectify the problems.

Localising your app can be a daunting task. Wonder Words has compiled a simple but comprehensive app localisation summary that will guide you through the process. Based on the specifications of your app, an app localisation project manager will be able to tailor the steps.

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