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Movie subtitling – the age-old practice

www.oldhollywoodfilms.com The origins of movie subtitling can be traced back to title cards, which were first used in 1903. The first movies back in the 1890s were silent movies, and in 1903, title cards were introduced in lieu of spoken dialogue. These title cards were placed between scenes to convey the message of the movie. […]

How to boost app downloads

You’ve created an amazing app. It has been downloaded over 500 000 times. The feedback from users has been excellent. You are “on top of the world” and really believe that your app can break the million mark. You then realise that growth has been slow since you have crossed the 500 000 mark. The excitement starts […]

The need for localisation!

In its simplest form, localisation may involve the conversion of the currency or the alteration of a punch line. On the other end of the spectrum, companies need to totally re-engineer products to suit the tastes and cultural preferences of the local market. The regular beef Big Mac will certainly not be well received in […]

Voice-over extends beyond Disney!

When most of us think of voice-over, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa from The Jungle Book immediately pops into mind! Over the last 20 years, Disney character voices have been portrayed by some of the most well-known voices in the entertainment industry. Disney reinvented voice-over. What a lot of people fail to realise is that voice-over […]

The art of effective copywriting

Just to clarify at the outset, “copywriting” or “copywriting services” has nothing to do with the protection of “copyrights”. It is a bit of a strange term and to the average person, “writing” is the more obvious term. Not to add further confusion, we will stick to the term “copywriting”. Copywriting is the process of […]

Hard copy fights back

We have experienced a migration away from traditional mediums for a prolonged period, as readers abandon hard copy books in favour of e-books.  Fancy devices like the Kindle and the iPad have made the switch even more enticing.  We believe that this trend is slowing down and may even be reversing. In 2015, sales of […]

Translating annual reports

As companies expand their investor base, they need to ensure that annual reports and other company documents are accessible in more than just their reporting language. In some instances, you may be lucky and find that companies in non-English speaking markets report in their home language and in English.

Interesting facts about languages

Techies get their entertainment from small talk about “meatspace”, “shelfware” and “yoyo mode”. As language boffins, we get our kicks from a slightly different “kettle of fish”. We thought we would share some interesting facts about languages.