Just to clarify at the outset, “copywriting” or “copywriting services” has nothing to do with the protection of “copyrights”. It is a bit of a strange term and to the average person, “writing” is the more obvious term. Not to add further confusion, we will stick to the term “copywriting”. Copywriting is the process of writing material for various mediums – emails, websites, brochures billboards and more. In order for copywriting to be effective, it needs to tick a few boxes:

Target audience: Deciding on who is your target audience is probably the single most important decision when embarking on a project. Reaching out to footballers and ballerinas is a bit like “chalk and cheese”.

Style: At the outset, a writing style needs to be chosen. This is a natural follow-up to the first question on target audience. In most cases, the writing style needs to flow throughout the text.

Contents: A brochure for a Porsche 911 will probably not have much in common with your average online florist website. As the architect of the content, you need to specify what details need to be included. Depending on the complexity of the product, it can range from the input of a single individual (the online florist) to collaboration between multiple teams (the Porsche brochure). When the content architect decides on the contents, the objective of the text needs to be clear – is the text purely informative or is it a sales pitch?

At Wonder Words, we believe that simple, smooth-flowing (not awkward) texts are most effective. Once you have answered a few important questions, you can then move onto tackling other details.

DIY or the services of a professional copywriter?


If you have a natural flair for writing and are passionate about the topic that you are writing about, it may be worthwhile to get a cup of coffee and start documenting your thoughts. If you fall into the other camp and the mere thought of writing scares you, Wonder Words recommends that you seek the assistance of a professional copywriter. At Wonder Words, we ensure the chosen copywriter is experienced in the topic and is a native speaker who lives in the country of the target language.

Website copywriting


Think of your website as your shopfront! Brand owners go to great extents to ensure their shop fronts clearly portray the image of their brand. Websites should be designed along similar lines. Unless you are a well-known brand, your website is the first and lasting impression for your potential customer; and even if you are a well-known brand, you clearly don’t want your brand equity diluted by a sub-standard website. Websites are not only judged by the fancy graphics and look, but also the content. A well-designed website delivers content that is precise, informative and engaging.

Is affordable copywriting a myth?

At Wonder Words, professional copywriting starts at 10 Euro cents per word. Given the amount of money spent on building your website or producing a glossy brochure, the addition of professional copywriting will not break the bank.

The final say!

Nobody understands your product or service better than you, so it is imperative that you have the final say. A number of multinationals would have avoided embarrassing mistakes if the architect did a quick once-over.

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