You’ve created an amazing app. It has been downloaded over 500 000 times. The feedback from users has been excellent. You are “on top of the world” and really believe that your app can break the million mark. You then realise that growth has been slow since you have crossed the 500 000 mark. The excitement starts to fade…

There is one important point that you have overlooked: Your app is only available in English, and according to IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, the English speaking market makes up less than 20% of the global market with respect to app downloads. You have essentially shut yourself out to the other 80% of global users. Your app may have reached a saturation point in the English-speaking world, but you are far from saturation in the global market. Wonder Words recommends that you translate your app in order to further penetrate the market.

Research potential languages

The top 5 smartphone markets are China, USA, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Before you rush off to translate your app into Mandarin, do some research to ensure that your app is relevant in this market. Your research may indicate that your app is more relevant in the Spanish speaking market and even though it may be a lot smaller than the Chinese market, you may generate more sales from the Spanish market than the Chinese market.

Find a cost effective solution for your translation

Given that most app downloads are free downloads, app owners need to watch the cost base very carefully. Unless you are very confident that app downloads are going to boom in the new markets, don’t pay for the “Rolls Royce” for your app translation. There is a reasonable solution! Wonder Words can provide a cost effective solution for your app translation irrespective of the language or the number of languages that you are targeting. Wonder Words’ attractive pricing is a function of our selection of well-priced qualified freelancers from a global pool. A 10 000 word app can be translated from as little as Euro 1100. This is a small price if you consider that it can potentially double the size of your target market.

Choose a suitable platform

Wonder Words recommends that the easiest way to start the process is to have the original app loaded onto a platform that supports simultaneous translation to a number of different languages. Some of these packages help you to manage and integrate translations into your software. Summary pages also help you to easily keep track of the translation process.

We can test your app too

Apps need to be thoroughly tested before they go live. Our native speaker proof readers can test your app and compile a comprehensive report which enables the translators and developers to correct any errors.

And finally… continue to monitor your potential market

After your research, you might conclude that China is not a suitable market. Given the pace at which the internet is evolving, the findings of your research may be very different one year later and China could potentially be a very attractive market.

 An app translation is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to enter a new market. If your app needs more than translation, we can also provide localisation services.

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