Why Wonder Words

Cape Town’s more reasonable cost base makes us your ideal outsourcing partner. Given our attractive pricing and service excellence, Wonder Words is the partner of choice for international clients across a number of industries. Outsourcing translations to Wonder Words is a seamless process, and we ensure that you always interact with the same project manager. Our neutral time zone also makes us the perfect outsourcing partner for language service companies in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Think of Wonder Words as an extension of your team.

Aside from having a passion for languages, our project managers are also industry specialists. Our ten comprehensive industry categories allow us to easily accommodate most projects.

About us

Our name may sound like we possess some kind of magical power; however, the truth is that it is just a combination of a passion for languages, creativity, reliability, and dedication that is the driving force behind Wonder Words. Our team comprises many different nationalities, and it is this blend that allows us to seamlessly connect with our global client base.

Our services include professional translations, transcriptions, proofreading & editing, copywriting, and voice-over. Our short and informative video clip provides a quick insight into our service offering.

App localisation

app localisation

Localising your app into one or more languages is one of the quickest ways to increase the rate of monetisation.

Website localisation

As tastes and preferences evolve, a mere translation of your website may not be sufficient, and it may be necessary to tailor the website to suit the local market.